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Co-Owner & Coach

As the co-owner of Fitbox Westhoughton, my goal is to work with older adults – whether your aim is to improve current fitness levels, get back to fitness or take up exercise for the very first time.

Whether in a class of like-minded people or in a one-to-one setting, you’d be amazed how quickly you can feel the positive and re-vitalising effects of exercising in a friendly, non-judgemental and supporting environment.

If you want to be an ironman, that’s great. But if you simply want to feel the full and wide-ranging benefits of exercise, then that’s just as valid a reason to get in touch.

The science tells us that fitness and exercise is far and away the best pill we can take to improve our physical lifestyles and mental fitness and also tackle, reverse and avoid age-related illnesses.

The science also tells us it really is never too late to start with fitness. And in fact as we get older we should be doing more to improve our fitness levels, not less

As a fifty-something fitness coach, I understand the factors that sometimes lead us away from the gym. But Fitbox isn’t like other gyms, we’re approachable, friendly, on your level. We genuinely want the best for you – no ties, no contracts, just help and guidance.

You set your goals, I’m here to help you get them.

You’ll be challenged, you’ll be educated, you’ll achieve, and better than all of that, you’ll have fun.

My aim is to make Fitbox Westhoughton a place you come to because you just really love coming here. We want to build connections, create a great community and put healthy, happy smiles on faces.


Level 3 Personal Trainer, Level 3 Counselling Studies, Husband, Dad and Grandad.


Working with older adults

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